Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation

IKNL is the quality institute for oncological and palliative research and practice. IKNL collaborates with healthcare professionals and managers and patients on the continuous improvement of oncological and palliative care.

Healthcare in the Netherlands, including oncological and palliative care, is very complex and subject to change. Socio-economic and demographic developments such as an ageing population are changing the demand for care and the way in which it is delivered.

Improved technologies and medicines are leading to new treatments in oncological and palliative care. This demands further specialisation on the part of professionals and sets higher requirements for their collaboration. At the same time, there is a growing demand for transparency regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of treatments, such as the responsible use of new medicines.

As the knowledge and quality institute for oncological and palliative care, the Netherlands comprehensive cancer organisation, IKNL, responds to these changes. IKNL collaborates on continuously improving the quality of oncological and palliative care. IKNL assists in policy-making and the development of creating networks such as the Comprehensive Cancer Networks (CCNs) and consortia for palliative care.

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